Wireless Elderly Alarm System for Elderly Home & Hospitals

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Wireless Elderly Alarm System for Elderly Home & Hospitals

Caregiver Alert System: CordLess/Wireless Central Monitor for Home

Low cost wireless Nurse Call system. It is Flexible. Use one, or as many components as you need! The Smart Caregiver 433-CMU Central Monitoring Unit is programmable for multiple residents at one central location, and can be activated by a variety of peripheral wireless devices so that the caregiver can meet each residents particular needs.433-CMU-Low-cost-Central-Monitor


Get pager notification

Caregivers may also be notified on a pager which displays which sensor activated the alert. The Central Monitoring Unit can be placed at the nurses station to alert caregivers when residents are in need of assistance.

Monitors a large variety of CordLess sensor devices.

Eliminate in-room alarm noise, various components silently send a signal to the unit and/or caregiver pager. Pagers allow caregivers to be aware of their resident’s need from anywhere within the facility, allowing them to attend to other duties while still monitoring their residents. Numeric display show which device triggered the caregiver alert. Works with a wide selection of wireless components, including bed and chair sensor pads, floor mats, motion sensors and nurse call buttons. (see “System Components” tab) Adjustable alarm volume Remote Reset with caregiver reset button (sold separately)

System Components

433-CMU-right-134x150 433-CMU Central Monitor Unit How it works – each resident can be assigned a sensor pad, motion sensor, and/or nurse call button or floor mat. Wireless signal is transmitted silently to central monitoring unit; notification will then correspond with a number (1-30) that caregivers can associate with each resident. Learn more…
433-MS_right-112x150 433-MS Motion Sensor Versatile and unobtrusive resident monitoring Wireless Operation Eliminate in room alarm noise Mounting bracket included Learn more…
CordLess_Bed__Chair_Pad-140x150 Bed & Chair Sensor Pads CordLess/Wireless Sensor Pads Allows Caregiver to place monitor away from the residents bedside Easy to clean Learn more Bed Pads Chair Pads
FMT-07C-150x70 Floor Mat (24″x48″) CordLess/Wireless No Cords between Floor Mat and Monitor Allows Caregiver to place monitor away from the residents bedside Easy Movable Learn more…
433-NC-Nurse-Call-Button-150x145 Nurse Call Button CordLess/Wireless Call buttons may be worn around neck with provided lanyard, mounted to headboard or bed or carried in pocket Economical Easy to use
433-RB-Reset-button-150x130 Reset Button CordLess/Wireless Allows caregivers to rest the Central Monitoring Unit remotely Economical Easy to use
433-PGD_front-150x115 Caregiver Pager CordLess/Wireless Numerical LCD display shows which device triggered the alarm Adjustable Volume Set to vibrate for a quieter alert Multiple languages audible notification


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