Top 7 barriers to implementing patient safety system

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Top 7 barriers to implementing patient safety system

  1. Patient SafetyCompeting priorities for scarce resources in a system where patient safety is not considered a top priority.
  2. Lack of resources: inadequate staffing and work overloads.
  3. Availability and cost of patient safety technology.
  4. Resistance to change (the assumption that providers are already providing safe care).
  5. Culture of blame (current healthcare culture is punitive in nature).
  6. Lack of senior leadership understanding of and involvement with patient safety issues.
  7. Culture of healthcare workforce perceptions, attitudes and behaviors of error “cover up”.


Source: Barriers to implementation of patient safety systems in healthcare institutions: leadership and policy implications. Akins RB, Cole BR. J Patient Saf. 2005;1:9-16.

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