OMG Safety Management System

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OMG Safety Management System

Due to limited time, disproportionate staff to child ratios, and resource constraints, many children in today’s child-care centers do not receive the best child-care services. Without constant supervision,children become exposed to potentially dangerous situations. As a result, many children become increasingly at risk for physical, developmental, and/or behavioral problems.

At present, staff is also subject to the constant manual recording of data throughout the day (e.g. attendance, meals, sign-in/sign-out, budgets, etc.). As information is tracked and recorded manually, there is ample room for human error. When errors surface, staff then have to work beyond their shifts to correct errors. This inefficient and outdated system simply compromises the time staff has to supervise and interact with children.

With the use of RFID/RTLS technology, however, these aforementioned problems are instantly solved in a cost-effective manner, without compromising the quality of child-care service.

RFID/RTLS is a type of automatic identification system whose purpose is to enable data to be transmitted by a portable device, called tag, which is read by an RFID reader and processed according to the needs of a particular application.

Each child gets registered into our computerized system, and receives a personal tag to wear in the form of a vest for the duration of the child’s stay at the child-care center. Staff is able to access all information and record any data using computer screens located throughout the classroom.

School Bus Tracking System

rfid_school_busAutomated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and GPS-based Student Tracking System will be implemented in the school’s buses.

All the buses of schools will be equipped with RFID readers and using RFID chips embedded in their student ID

which incorporates GPS and GPRS technologies, with all the student’s particulars printed on it.

Using the technology, the parents will get a text message every time the student gets into the bus and alights while going to the school from home and when returning. Alert messages will also be sent to the school authorities.

Sign In / Sign Out

Once the child arrives at the child-care center, the child receives his/her vest. Once the child has been signed in by his/her parent or guardian, the child’s attendance is automatically registered into the database, with the time the child was signed in. From this point on until the child is signed out and removes his/her vest, the child is monitored in real time.

Each child’s tag contains information and photos of parents and guardians who are allowed to pick up each child at the end of the day. This allows staff to quickly ensure that each child is leaving the child-care center with the appropriate adult. Once the adult has signed out his/her child through the computerized system, which automatically records the sign-out time, the child then removes the vest, completing the sign out process.

Location Management by Timeline (Schedule)

After check the attendance of children, the child who needs a special care will be monitored and received proper measures in time through information provided by RFID/RTLS system.

Location Management

Each child’s location and movement will be monitored throughout the day, during both class time and free time. If a child ever steps outside the bounds of the safe zone, an alert that includes the child’s location is transmitted to staff on computer screens located throughout the classroom.

Preventing Fire

RFID/RTLS tags can detect smoke in real time and prevent fire before it generated.

Automated Meal Count System

Tags automatically record the time at which each child consumes a meal and/or snack provided by the child-care center. Our computerized system provides various charts and reports for each child and class, instantly. Managing records can also be organized by day, week, month, year, and are accessible to all staff and parents.

RFID/RTLS (RFID Real Time Location System)
Real-time locating and monitoring system prevent the negligent accidents caused by children to be left along for long time and to enter dangerous area
Fire detecting features of RFID reader, located in different areas of Child Care Center, protect child from a fire

Automated Sign-in/Out & Meal Count System
Visualized managing records increase work efficiency of teachers
Visualized charts and reports provide very best and differentiated service

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