Fall Prevention Monitor – Smart Caregiver – 433-CMU How To Add Components (Video)

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Fall Prevention Monitor – Smart Caregiver – 433-CMU How To Add Components (Video)


Smart Cordless Systems: No more cords between sensor pads and alarms! Quiet, Cordless and Wireless Fall Prevention Technology. Cordless mean a quieter fall monitoring, no more alarms in resident’s bed, reduce tripping hazards, no more broken or tangled cords.

Wireless Nurse Call System
Smart Caregiver – demonstration on how to program the 433CMU – Wireless Economy Central Unit Monitor

The Central Monitor can be placed at the nurses station to alert caregivers when residents are in need of assistance.

• Eliminate in-room alarm noise; various components silently send a signal to the central monitoring unit — alerts at central monitor and/or caregiver pager
• How it works — each resident can be assigned a sensor pad, motion sensor, and/or nurse call button or floor mat. Wireless signal is transmitted silently to central monitoring unit; notification will then correspond with a number (1-30) that caregivers can associate with each resident
• Reset buttons — optional component that allows staff to reset the central monitor remotely
• Power source — monitor runs on 4-C batteries (sold separately), or AC power adapter (sold separately)

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