Elderly: Wireless Toilet Emergency Alarm for Hospitals

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Elderly: Wireless Toilet Emergency Alarm for Hospitals

OMG433-CMU Toliet Emergency Alarm System


Low Cost Solution

The elderly wireless toilet emergency alarm provides affordable and effective CordLess® / wireless monitoring. Ideal for hospitals or small facilities. Can also be used as a portable caregiver alert monitor in a group hospital environment.


Easy To Use

The Economy CordLess® Alarm is simple to use. The elderly emergency wireless toilet alarm can be mounted outside the toilet. Caregivers can monitor multiple devices at a central location simultaneously. This CordLess® Fall Prevention Alarm works with nurse call buttons, motion sensors, and the CordLess® Weight Sensing Pressure Pads and Floor Mats.


Remove Noise From The Room

Caregivers are easily notified with bright blinking light that can be seen from a distance. The gentler chime won’t startle residents or disturb others and offers QUIETER fall prevention. Place monitor outside resident’s room for an even quieter solution.
USA ProductFeatures

  • Affordable and effective wireless monitoring.
  • Easy set up and operation.
  • Adjustable volume – the fall prevention alarm has a low, medium and high volume adjustment and gentle chime setting.
  • The Central Monitor can be placed at the nurse’s station to alert caregivers when residents are in need of assistance.
  • Alarms at nurses’ station or other central location audibly and display indicates which resident originated the alarm
  • Caregiver is simultaneously notified on caregiver pager.
  • Nurse call button allows resident to call caregiver at any time, push-button activation transmits signal to the Central Monitor and caregiver pager simultaneously, can be mounted to headboard or worn with lanyard.
  • Functions with call button, motion señsor and CordLess® pressure pads and floor mats – Up to six (30) items can be used with one alarm.


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