Bed Exit Alarms for Fall Prevention & Anti-Wandering for the Elderly

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Bed Exit Alarms for Fall Prevention & Anti-Wandering for the Elderly

Fall Prevention Exit Alarms To Help Caregivers
Monitor Residents or Loved Ones
Senior Fall Prevention Monitors


smart-sensor-padsFall prevention monitors for seniors. Smart Caregiver specializes in fall prevention monitors for bed, chair and anti-wandering alarms for caregivers monitoring residents and/or loved ones.

Our Fall prevention monitors and bed exit alarms are easy-to-use and can be customized with potential institutional growth in mind. Simply program the sensor pads to the bed exit alarm monitors (fall monitors), then set the bed sensor pad on the bed, chair sensor pad on the chair or the pressure sensing floor mat pad on the floor.

When the resident gets up or stands on the pad, it sets off the alarm. Our systems can be used in small and large facilities, as well as the home.

The following Smart Caregiver senior fall prevention monitors help to reduce falls and elopement in your facility:

Our Most Popular Fall Prevention Monitors

  • Our most popular fall monitor – easy-to-use and automatically reset TL-2100S
  • Low cost fall monitor with On-Off switch – works great with floor mats and seat belts TL-2100E
  • No more writing dates on the pads! Monitor alerts caregiver when pad life is up TL-2100CP
  • Eliminate noisy alarms! No cords between the monitor and sensor pads – reduce tripping hazards TL-2100G
  • Flexible wireless monitor that talks to pagers, central monitors and remote caregiver devices. TL-2016
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